Training Classes

David Bernstein

One of the fastest ways I’ve found to get a team up and running with advanced technical practices is training. When everyone on the team learns together they forge a common understanding of terminology and goals that get them on the same page.

My short-term, high-bandwidth engagements get teams up and running with technical practices quickly. My training materials are drawn from and honed over 30 years of experience as a software developer and consultant who understands, not just how to use deep technical practices, but how to help others get up to speed with these practices so they’re immediately effective with them.

I can help you

  • Define acceptance criteria for features
  • Improve your software development process
  • Integrate software automatically as it’s written
  • Collaborate effectively with team members
  • Draw on patterns, principles, and practices
  • Specify behaviors with unit tests
  • Refactor and clean up legacy code

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