Customized Coaching

Supplement your on-site training with a program of customized coaching, tailored to your specific needs. Coaching is designed to help you apply the skills you learned in my training to your organization’s specific development challenges with maximum effectiveness. Single or multi-day coaching can often give a team a head start on projects of several weeks, or even months and is a great way to maintain the enthusiasm, energy, and focus of your development team once they complete their training.

I’ll show you exactly which practices in your new development toolbox are best suited for your team’s current and planned projects, and help you get a running start in adopting them with maximum efficiency to produce immediate results. We can work together to tailor a coaching program for your specific needs that takes full advantage of the new knowledge  and skills gained in class or simply be a resident, on-site resource available for your team to answer their specific questions about how to put into practice what they’ve just learned as they launch your transition to Agile development.

Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Coaching is fully customizable, and can be project-focused (such as creating a refactoring plan for a legacy system), practice-based (such as sessions for improving TDD skills), or both. I’ll work with your developers one-on-one, or in small groups, to help your team determine, create, and implement the best strategies for improving software development in your organization. I use detailed interviews and a pre-assessment tool to help us decide the most effective use of our coaching time together.

Coaching need not be limited to the period immediately after your team members’ complete training. I can return anytime for refresher sessions with your team or do periodic check-ins via phone or video conference. Return visits can be an extremely valuable means of ensuring that plans were put into practice effectively, and that your team is staying on track with their development goals. We can design a convenient, flexible schedule of on-site and remote coaching, as well as a customized mentoring program to help your team master Scrum development, manage a successful transition to Agile, and avoid or overcome adoption impediments unique to your organization.

Support That Ensures Continued Success

My goal is to help you become a more productive developer—and that doesn’t stop at the end of your training and coaching sessions. Your success is important to me, so I encourage graduates to call me with questions about the material covered in their training during my office hours, or to share concerns and inquiries via e-mail.

Graduates of my training programs have exclusive, private access to detailed support materials and can schedule a one-on-one video conference during their advisory period to discuss questions on the material we covered in class and create a personalized learning plan for further study. Additional support and mentoring options are also available.

Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your coaching needs. Contact me for more details.