Discover Secrets of Successful Agile Developers

Successful Agile software development requires team members to form a shared understanding of specific practices for building changeable code, and know how to emerge extensible designs incrementally, as requirements unfold. These practices, though easy to follow, are not widely known—which is why I have devoted my career to learning Agile development practices and sharing them in my Agile developer certification training courses with developers and teams transitioning to Agile and Scrum.

I can show you how to:

  • Increase your team’s ability to deliver high-quality software to customers faster.
  • Propagate a solid understanding of Agile development skills throughout your team.
  • Apply effective problem-solving, technical, and software design skills to all team members.
  • Reduce the cost of software ownership by building in quality at every level of development.
  • Establish baseline goals and measures for evaluating your team’s progress.
  • Foster a shared understanding of developer practices so team members build compatible code.
  • Build a common vocabulary for high-fidelity communication that the whole team can use.
  • Continuously integrate software as it’s built, reducing the risk of adding new features.
  • Slash software development defect rates and drop the cost of software maintenance.

My Agile developer certification courses will heighten workplace morale, increase job satisfaction, improve performance, and help your group of developers coalesce into a highly productive team. I can show you critical techniques used by successful Agile developers that will lay the foundation for breakthroughs in quality and productivity in your own organization.

Whether you’re a developer looking to further your career by improving your skills and gaining professional certification, or an organization that wants to empower your team with the training and support to do extraordinary work, I can help you make a successful transition to Agile, or fine tune your existing implementation.

The software industry is still young, and Agile is uncharted territory for those in transition. When you’re exploring the wilderness, it’s smart to have an experienced guide. I can help.

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David Bernstein