Getting started with Agile is easy, mastering it can be challenging. Especially, the advanced technical practices can be difficult to master for developers because many of the skills aren’t common knowledge. I’ve helped thousands of developers master these technical practices. I know how to avoid the common pitfalls people fall into when adopting them and how to use them to their fullest.

I”ll help you

  • Increase your velocity by incrementally delivering high-quality software to clients
  • Propagate an understanding of object-oriented design and development skills
  • Demonstrate to the team why software development principles are important
  • Assist your team in becoming a world-class software development center
  • Aide in establishing goals and measures as a baseline for evaluating teams progress

I can help your team master the technical practices of Agile software development quickly so they are productive with these techniques immediately. I’ll expose your team to best practices and systems that will hugely improve the quality and efficiency of their work.


  • Everyone on the team shares a common definition of good code and how to achieve it
  • Builds a common vocabulary for high-fidelity communication throughout the team
  • The team adopts best practices and techniques from top performing developers
  • Developers understand the principles that make the practices work successfully
  • The cost of ownership for software drops by building quality in at every level

Master the skills needed to rapidly build maintainable software. The whole team must understand the key principles, patterns, and practices for efficiently building software in an iterative environment. As a Registered Education Provider for the Scrum Alliance, I offer Certified Scrum Developer training as well as non-certification training for software developers and development teams to master the essential skills of Agile development.

Contact me for a free consultation.

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