Clients rave about my classes.

Certified Scrum Developer Essentials 

“Have you ever felt the fear of starting a project, not knowing what design to start? Ever felt the fear of making a small change and having everything crash down? Take this class and learn a better way to live and develop without fear.”
—D.J. Hagberg, Software Architect

“Take the course. It will change how you approach software development.” 
—Eric Huber, Senior Software Developer

“One of the most interesting and interactive trainings that I have ever taken part in.”
—Brandon Whitaker, Software Engineer

Introduction to Scrum for Software Developers

“Go to it! This course takes Scrum out of the conceptual and puts it into the practical.” 
—Kevin Hallquist, Software Design Engineer, Certified ScrumMaster

“Take it; have your team take it together. Make time for this class.” 
—Edward J. Newton, Software Development Manager, Certified ScrumMaster

“Any expectations you have will be exceeded. You will be a better developer afterwards, even if your company does not utilize Scrum.”  
—Keith Prokasky, Senior Software Engineer, Certified ScrumMaster

Design Pattern Developer Essentials

“I learned how to think effectively about code quality. I learned principles and practices of effective design. It explains patterns in plain English. David’s teaching style is very engaging and clear. I would highly recommend this class to any level of developer.” 
—Todd Froyland, Senior Tech Lead/Architect

“This class is essential to any technical professional in a development environment. The approaches covered will help with every phase of the development cycle on any size team or project.” 
—Tyler Ashbridge, Director of Systems Development

“We will be significantly faster at accommodating last-minute things that always seem to come up in our work. Even if you think it may not apply to you, do it. You will see how it does apply.” 
—Martin Murphy, Senior Scientist

Scrum Software Developer Essentials

“This was a great class! First, David distills a vast amount of Agile related information into successful practices with direct application in our work. Second, the hands-on labs get us over the learning hurdles of TDD implementation as quickly as humanly possible. Lastly, David is clearly passionate in his concern with the overall condition of code quality in the software industry. He will go to no end with his class, we voted to do two fourteen-hour days to get the lab knowledge and David supported us and stayed with us the whole time. Thank you!” 
—Mike Jassmann, IT Manager

“Not knowing what the latest tools to use or books to read, this class allowed us to understand the latest practices and tools and how to apply them in our current working environment.” 
–Doug Parris, Senior Software Engineer

“This is a great class that will start you on the path to becoming a great programmer and an invaluable asset to your company.” 
–Vincent Quiles, Programmer Analyst

Agile Software Developer Essentials

“This class renewed my enthusiasm for the love of software development…[David’s] enthusiasm is infectious, and you might find that you start thinking better about software development practices.” 
—Mark Walsen, Owner/Developer, Notation Software

“If you want to know a better and more effective way of thinking and working with software, then don’t miss this class.” 
—Javier Espana, Designer/Developer, Velocity Partners, Argentina

“It helped crystallize a lot of thoughts I had about software development and now I can deliver more value. If you’re wondering what practices and methodologies people have discovered in the past couple of decades and you don’t want to read at least ten books, take this course.” 
—Min Han, Senior Solutions Developer, ASCO

“David’s course is excellent to learn about the techniques and practices for improving code quality and maintainability. In an Agile environment where tenets become critical, this knowledge is a blessing.” 
—Katie Scott, Senior UI Developer, ShareBuilder.com

“This class is absolutely essential for a modern software developer.” 
—Arkadiy Tseytlin, Software Developer, ShareBuilder.com

“Strap in and get ready to learn!” 
—Bill O’Neill, Manager Software Development, Quality and Architecture, Right Now Technologies

Agile Software Developer Intensives

 “I was skeptical about TDD at first but now I’m convinced of its value. These practices give a good taste of TDD.” 
—Karuna Pydipati, Senior Developer, StubHub (eBay)

“Definitely take it, no matter what your level. You will find it very useful.” 
—Yem Huynh, Software Engineer, StubHub (eBay)

“Don’t miss it, this TDD class will help.” 
—Copal Patwa, Technical Lead, StubHub (eBay)

Students rave about my training 

“I’m extremely proud that I have maintained an average class-evaluation rating from my students of 4.7 out of 5 (equivalent to an A+) over the last two decades.”

“I was impressed both by how you managed to pack so much material in a short course and by the intensity and value of the hands-on lab work. But the most important thing was your teaching style. You are one of the few teachers who project excitement with the subject. That enthusiasm lights up the audience and enabled us to consume even very dense information.” 
—Sergey Panov, Senior Test Engineer

“David is very passionate about the subject; he has obviously spent a lot of time researching, thinking, discussing, and practicing these techniques in a variety of environments; the perspective from which he presents the material is very unique and fresh; he is able to stay abstract and ‘deep dive’ when needed.” 
—Michael Dolbear, Senior Software Engineer

“It was a joy to attend this class. David has [four] qualities that made his class valuable for me: 1) deep and proficient knowledge of technology, 2) excellent presentation skills, 3) authentic enthusiasm, and 4) empathetic connection to students.”
—Michael Wolf, Trainer and Developer

“David is unique in his ability to make complex topics understandable. His approach to software quality is very valuable.” 
—Rod Claar, Certified Scrum Trainer

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