On-Site Classes

Hate to travel? Save time and money with private, on-site training!

Why send just a single person from your development team to learn Scrum in an out-of-town public course and expect that individual to provide second-hand instruction to everyone else when he or she returns—when you could experience the powerful benefits of having your entire team learn Agile in the comfort of your own location?

I can tailor my training and coaching to your organization’s specific needs, and deliver them at the location of your choice, on the dates most convenient to your schedule.

With on-site training, no one gets left behind, and the rest of your team won’t be at the mercy of someone’s imperfect memory, incomplete notes, or inexperience explaining the subject matter.

Save Time and Money—Learn Agile

Private training is the fastest, most effective way to learn Agile practices and kick off a new project or reinvigorate a current one, and it’s especially cost-effective for groups of twelve or more. Your organization will save money on airfare, lodging, meals, ground transportation, and more if your team members don’t have to leave town to attend a public class. They’ll get to spend more time at the office during the week, and at home on the weekends—satisfying their supervisors as well as their families. But that’s hardly the only savings you’ll experience…

Powerful Synergy—Learn Scrum

I’ve designed my training programs to benefit every member on a development team, and my courses are much more effective if your entire team has the opportunity to learn scrum by sharing in the direct, first-hand experience of the training class. When everyone on your team is on the same page, the powerful synergy that results from on-site instruction can lead to dramatic improvements in productivity.

Your developers will learn a common working vocabulary, essential Agile practices, and expert-level skills for working successfully on a Scrum team that will provide a shared framework for building software successfully. I also offer follow-on coaching to help your team members apply the skills they learn to their specific projects and overcome any challenges unique to your organization.

Interested in having more time and saving big bucks? Arrange a private, on-site training session for your team.