Sometimes, we need an outside perspective to evaluate a move before we make it. I’ve taken dozens of software products into production and I’m comfortable in a variety of development paradigms.

I offer design reviews, code inspections, and advisory services to help you determine the state of your software and where the best use of efforts are for how best to improve it.

I’ll help you

  • Adopt effective problem-solving and software design skills among team members
  • Teach practices for decreasing defects in software to reduce time lost in debugging
  • Foster a shared understanding of software development standards and practices
  • Guide you in refactoring legacy code so it’s safe to work with and simple to extend

Gain massive efficiency from best practices I’ve acquired over the years. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Through interviews, assessments, design reviews, and code inspections, I’ll advise you on best uses of your efforts. Working with your developers on their code, we’ll identify areas of risk and where to focus attention to get the most value.


  • Identify weaknesses in your software and how to rapidly remediate legacy code
  • Heightened work morale, job satisfaction, and individual motivation to learn more
  • Improve communication and information flow between developers and management
  • Use the opportunity to improve teamwork and build skills in development
  • Bring to bear techniques from organizations that have undergone similar transitions

Apply your newly learned skills to your project. Use what you learn right after you learn it. I’ll work with your team one-on-one and in small groups to apply the skills they learn in class to your own project.

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