David BernsteinI help teams improve their software development processes and developers improve their software development practices. I’ve studied hundreds of successful teams and thousands of successful developers over three decades. I’ve identified many successful approaches for building software. I know the challenges development teams face and how to address them.

I help using

  • Assessments: Get a fresh set of eyes on every aspect of your software development process or project with positive recommendations for improvements.
  • Design Reviews: Maximize maintainability and reduce risk by creating testable designs and architectures.
  • Code Inspections: Gain skills and practices for working with legacy code to improve its extensibility.
  • Ongoing Support: I offer a variety of support and advisory options so you get answers when you need them.

Using a range of tools and techniques I work closely with your team to help them build the skills to resolve their issues on their own. My targeted training and coaching on technical practices give your developers the skills to rapidly build quality software.

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