Online Training

Now you can get personalized, interactive, live online Agile training and coaching.

Why Learn Online?

Aside from the obvious reasons of saving money on travel and not having to be away from home to attend a class, online Agile learning presents a new way to interact and collaborate with others. Online Agile training sessions can be four hours per day instead of eight hours, giving you more time to integrate the skills covered, and letting you continue working at your job while you learn.

My Agile training online is highly interactive and engaging. We use WebEx from Cisco, which gives us two-way video and audio with all the participants, screen sharing, and the ability to break into small groups for exercises and discussion. You have the ability to raise your hand, ask me to slow down or speed up, indicate that you got a concept or need a little more detail. You can participate in interactive discussions, pair on exercises, respond to quizzes and much more.

To make online training the best possible experience you will be asked to attend a thirty minute orientation prior to the class so we can be sure you have the right hardware and software set up, and so you can become familiar with the interactive tools available during class.

You can attend class from a conference room, your office, or even from home. All you need is a good internet connection and an inexpensive webcam. For audio, you’ll need a computer with a sound card and headset with a microphone or you can call in on a phone.

Learning Agile in my online classes is highly interactive and a powerful way to build skills that will last a lifetime. Many of my classes and workshops are now available online in both public and private sessions including:

Please contact me for more details.