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I’m David Bernstein of To Be Agile.David Bernstein

I help software development teams improve their development process and master technical practices to rapidly deliver high quality software. Let me show you how to be effective with test-driven development, refactoring, and continuous delivery.

I can help you

I’ll show you how to replace requirements documents with an active Product Owner who manages a backlog of user stories that everyone on the team knows how to write, size, and build. You’ll work through a few examples for the stories to flesh out questions and build a common understanding for what’s to be built. You’ll then define acceptance criteria that can be automated to certify features work as specified. More…

Learn from my experience and the experiences of the many people I’ve worked with. I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of professional software developers in my career as a developer, trainer, and coach. I offer unique and powerful classes on innovative practices in software development. I offer Scrum Developer Certification (CSD) through the Scrum Alliance as well as non-certification training for software development teams. More…

Regardless of how often you release, your system should be built so it’s always in a releasable state. Integration issues can grow exponentially so integrating continuously, as every bit of functionality is built, is far safer and easier. In fact, it goes from being a difficult task to a rich source of feedback for developers as they are building a system. I can show you how to build a suite of tests that support refactoring and make it safe to refactor code. More…

My knowledge isn’t just theoretical. I depend on my clients to keep me up on their ongoing challenges and triumphs. I can make significant contributions in design reviews, code inspections, assessments, interviews, surveys, etc. More…

I offer consulting and training services, in person and online. Using a set of unique offerings that can include assessments, design reviews, code inspections, onsite classes, customized coaching, onsite classes, online training, and ongoing support, I work with your team to reach your goals and improve upon specific metrics you establish.

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