Nearly half of all development time and effort is spent analyzing, defining, formalizing, and then reading, interpreting, and responding to requirements. Instead of using this massively inefficient system. I’ll show you how to replace requirements with user stories, examples, and acceptance criteria to define features rapidly and without ambiguity.

I’ll help you

  • Replace requirements documents with a process for writing stories
  • Create a compass and a map to define your projects goals and direction
  • Work through examples of new features to flesh out common understanding
  • Specify acceptance criteria and automate acceptance tests
  • Build a suite of acceptance test to certify features work as expected

I’ll help you define what to build along with acceptance tests that tell you when you’ve built it. Working with your Product Owner and backlog, we’ll define stories and work through examples so you know exactly what to build. You’ll streamline how you define what’s to be built and turn development into a discovery process.


  • Build more of what your customers want
  • Deliver value to your users more rapidly
  • Eliminate up to half of all development time wasted on requirements
  • Automate acceptance tests that certify product readiness

I use a combination of assessments, questionnaires, interviews, workshops, coaching, and training to rapidly transfer core skills to your team and show them how to continue on their own to maximize the value of these practices.

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