Agile Software Development Essentials class in Denver a Success!

December 6, 2009

The Denver ASDE class 12/1-3/09 went really well. In addition to developers, we had a program manager in the class who loved it. She said, “Software managers need this kind of training so they can communicate better with their developers.”

Here are a few more comments from students:

  • “Determining when to apply patterns and which ones to use was very valuable and so was the design exercise.”
  • “Information about which forces would give the best guidance for approaching a problem was really helpful.”
  • “I appreciate the use of patterns and practices that were reinforced throughout the class. I now understand what qualities good software should incorporate.”
  • “Excellent class; the design exercise was top notch. David did a good job of working with the developers and project manager, very clear explanations.”

All the students evaluated the class as excellent and would highly recommend the class to others!

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